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The Right Fit for Any Event

Making a Life of Excellence

Dr. Lowery’s overriding philosophy is that to truly motivate people to excellence in the task of their hands you must first touch their hearts. By focusing on the person, you will bring passion to their performance. Dr. Lowery presents practical ideas in a powerful way and he gives lessons for life.

People of excellence learn that solving people problems at work requires that they be sharply pointed in task and well rounded in people skills. Dr. Lowery’s presentations will make your people better and your company better. Making a successful living and making a successful life go hand in hand.

Corporate Speaking Events

Dr. Lowery uses humor and his experience as a psychologist to provide entertainment, education and encouragement for keynote addresses, seminars, corporate speaking and training, business coaching, and banquets. His unique style combining stories and practical word pictures keeps people laughing and learning in every minute of his keynote.

Non-Profit Speaking Events

As one of the most sought after speakers in the country—especially for his unique, one-day relationship conferences—Dr. Lowery uses humor and his experience as a Psychologist and Pastor to provide entertainment and encouragement while helping families and marriages to heal and grow.