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When Life Caves In What Then?


Do you ever ask, “Lord, why are these things happening to me?” You are not alone. Jesus promised His followers three things: they would never be alone, they would always have peace… and they will have trouble.

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Job is the story of faith through the fire — a flesh and blood biography of a man immersed in suffering. In this series you will learn the meaning of compassion and comfort — important principles of friendship. Good friends, responsible friends can show us not only why we hurt but also offer love, comfort and understanding.

Charles also teaches that our response to suffering and difficulty is determined by our understanding of God. Ultimately we can only understand God by knowing Jesus through faith. Faith is not only believing God can help you through your suffering, but that He will bring you out of it.

God guards the gate of your life and there are no trespassers. Helping us change the question from “Why?” to “For what purpose?” is the bottom line.

6 messages include:

A Heavyweight Contest With Eternal Consequences
Good Friends, Bad Advice
Music In The Mess
Closed For Inventory
There Must Be A Reason For This Season
God Shows Up

Note: This is a 6-part series consisting of MP3 audio files that can be downloaded to your preferred listening device.

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