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Love Life: Practical Relationship Strategies


Are you still in hormone heaven? Do you worship the ground they walk on? Or, is your relationship a battleground?

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This series teaches the biblical principles of partnership. Charles focuses in on the very real… and often humorous… differences between men and women.

How do you recognize and handle feelings and commitment? How can you understand the difference between being in the business of loving or just window-shopping?

No matter what stage of the relationship you are in, Charles teaches how to experience the joy that God intended by unpacking the Biblical principles of true partnership.

The 6 dynamic sessions include:

Relationships Say It All
Worship The Ground They Walk On
Dated Jekyl, Married Hyde
Principles Of Partnership
I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar;
I Am Man, Tell Me More
Helping The Handicapped Men


Note: This is a 6-part series consisting of .aiff audio files that can be downloaded to your preferred listening device.

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