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All Stressed Up With Nowhere To Blow


Do you sometimes feel you’re on the wrong end of a fast-burning fuse? You are not alone.

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We all experience stress. It comes and goes with the normal flow of life and it shows no partiality. No one is immune.

The issue is not whether we will have to deal with stress, but how we will deal with it. The Bible has much to say about how we can properly handle stress.

In this series Charles teaches the difference between process and power goals. Understanding this concept will help us turn stress to success.

There are six dynamic sessions

  • Running On Empty (Beating burnout)
  • Marginless Living (The stress of progress)
  • Turning Overload To Overdrive
  • Gateway To A Great Way
  • Relax God’s Way
  • The Antidote To Stress (His rest is best)

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